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The chapter president is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the chapter on a day-to-day basis. She also serves as the main liaison between the chapter and CSUF, the community, other FSL chapters, and AXO headquarters. She leads the chapter and executive board meetings, delegates tasks, and supports all chapter members.
Our VP of chapter relations and standards leads weekly CRS board meetings, supervises the chapter, and interprets the chapter bylaws to ensure that all members uphold our 5 membership standards. This woman serves as a guidance and support system to the entire chapter while working to promote and recognize positive behavior.
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Our VP of finance teaches the chapter how to be financially responsible as an Alpha Chi collegiate. This woman is responsible for our budgets and managing our chapter bills. She will act as a resource to chapter members with financial questions or concerns.
Our VP of risk management is in charge of managing and assessing the potential risks of any situation and educating our chapter members on how to prevent them. She holds regular risk management committee meetings and oversees the safety of all Alpha Chi Omega events. She works to promote a healthy lifestyle and mental wellness within the chapter.
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Our VP of ritual and fraternity appreciation coordinates our new member ceremony, initiation, along with events pertaining to AXO and EK Founders' Days, MacDowell Month, and Hera Day. She is in charge of ensuring that the women in our chapter are retaining our ritual and have the tools to live it every day.
Our VP of recruitment is responsible for organizing and planning our Panhellenic recruitment, along with a recruitment retreat and polish week, which take place over the summer. She works closely with our VP of recruitment information and the CRIB board to plan every detail of recruitment.
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Our VP of new member education is responsible for educating our new members of Alpha Chi Omega on our history, traditions, and standards. This woman oversees the planning of Bid Day, coordinates big and little reveal, pillow/paddle reveal, and pairs new members with Mystas and Lyres for them to have mentors within the chapter.
Our VP of public relations and marketing advertises and promotes Alpha Chi Omega. This woman runs all of our social media platforms, creates and updates our yearly calendar, designs our website, and works to "Promote Alpha Chi Every Day", also known as PACE. 
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Our VP of membership programming plans and hosts all sisterhood events, chapter retreats, and our annual senior banquet. This woman fosters sisterhood in the chapter by creating fun and inclusive events while recognizing women in our chapter through awards handed out at these events. 
Our VP of diversity, equity, and inclusion plans events and initiatives that focus on educational programming surrounding race, class exclusion, and beyond. She works to promote an inclusive environment within our chapter, to foster a culture of anti-racism through thoughtful and impactful discussions, and to recognize ethnicity, heritage, and historic dates.
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Our VP Panhellenic delegate is our voice at Panhellenic meetings and in the Panhellenic community. She attends weekly Panhellenic meetings to collect essential information to report to the chapter, vote on behalf of our chapter, and discuss updates regarding chapter programming. She oversees Greek Week and plans a sisterhood event with our sister sorority once a semester to build stronger bonds with our fellow Panhellenic sororities.
Our VP of intellectual development serves on the CRS board for academic cases and ensures every member keeps their grades up. This woman rewards members for academic excellence and motivates the chapter to meet their GPA goals. She plans an honor roll banquet each semester to recognize our sisters' academic achievements. She is a great asset and resource as an academic advisor to our chapter.
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Our VP of facility operations is responsible for maintaining our chapter house along with hosting our bi-weekly Monday night dinners, where our members eat dinner together before our chapter meetings. She is the direct liaison between the House Corporation Board and the chapter, and she serves on the committee which meets once a month.
Our VP of philanthropy oversees everything philanthropy-related within Alpha Chi Omega. This woman plans and executes our annual fundraising events, educates our chapter about our philanthropy, and innovates new ideas to get our women involved in spreading awareness. She plans and implements Healthy Relationships Week, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Assualt Awareness Month, and other on-campus outreach. 
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Our VP recruitment information ensures that the CRIB board meets regularly throughout the year and strategizes with VP recruitment to plan a successful and by-the-book recruitment. This woman trains the chapter to abide by the Panhellenic guidelines throughout the recruitment process. She handles the logistics and behind-the-scenes of recruitment.
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