Cadee Pinkerton

We Appreciate You...

Cadee Pinkerton is going to be a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton in the Fall as a math major. Cadee went through recruitment this past year and was apart of the Fall 19 class! She knew Alpha Chi Omega was her home right when she walked through the red door at the AXO house, on preference night! She instantly felt a strong connection with everyone there and knew it was meant to be her home. Cadee could tell that all of the girls in the chapter are extremely motivated and will always encourage her to be the best version of herself. This would soon be her home away from home! While it has only been one year that Cadee has been in Alpha Chi, her experience so far has been eye-opening. Cadee describes that she is constantly surrounded by so many incredible influences and she looks up to all of the older sisters in AXO exactly like a little sister would! Cadee also described Alpha Chi’s new member experience being something very special and unique to her. She said “The new member experience is something I will never forget as well. It made it so easy to grow close to all the other new members who were going through the same emotions. Nothing seemed overwhelming and it felt like I was welcomed with open arms.” Cadee has already met her forever friends through the new member meetings and Monday night dinners and she can’t wait to create more memories! Cadee mentions that she is so excited to pick up a little in the future. Big and little reveal with her big Sabrina is one of her favorite memories in Alpha Chi and it puts a smile on her face every time she thinks about it. She said,  “I can’t wait to get a little of my own and add to the family, hopefully sharing the same smile with her that I get with my big.” Another favorite memory for Cadee in Alpha Chi besides big and little reveal would be Monday night dinners with all of her sisters. These dinners are such a great way to talk and catch up with everyone in the chapter. Cadee knows that if she ever is experiencing a bad day, she could look forward to driving to the house with some of her sisters and grabbing coffee on the way. She can always count on them to cheer her up and brighten any bad day! This past semester, Cadee had already held two non-exec positions, such as Greek Week Out, as well as being the freshman representative on the CRS board. In the future, she hopes to run for VP finance because she thinks it would be an amazing experience to be on exec and work with the other girls in the chapter! We are so proud of you Cadee and so excited to see you grow every day in Alpha Chi!

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