Micah Greco


We Appreciate You...

This month we are so excited to recognize Micah Greco as our November Carnation of the month! Micah joined Alpha Chi Omega her freshman year in Fall 19’. She knew Alpha Chi was her home on her first day of recruitment, where she felt the strong bond and connection between each of our sisters and felt that every conversation she had was so genuine. With online classes happening this semester, Micah has been successfully managing her academics and sorority life. She is currently a psychology major and is planning to minor in child development. She always knows how to balance school and Alpha Chi by planning out her days ahead of time in order to help her get everything done on time! Not only is she thriving in school, but Micah holds the positions of community relations chair, assistant VP Philanthropy, and a day chair for recruitment. Micah says “My favorite part about my positions has been having the opportunity to talk to and get closer with girls who I had not gotten to know before. I also enjoy being able to give back to my chapter and the community which my current positions have allowed me to do”. Especially as a day chair for recruitment, Micah is looking forward to recruitment this upcoming Spring. She mentions “Day chairs have been working for months now to plan the recruitment days and I’m excited to see how it all turns out”. Recruitment is very special to her and a big reason for that is that although she has so many amazing Alpha Chi memories, one of her favorites was Fall 19’ bid day. She had so much fun with all of her new sisters and knew that she made the right choice to join Alpha Chi. We are so thankful to have Micah in this chapter and so happy she is able to fall in love with Alpha Chi more and more everyday by continuing to deepen the relationships she has made with the girls and the chapter who have now become her best friends! We are so proud of you Micah and can’t wait to see all your success these next couple of years!

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