Lyndsey Gutiérrez

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We Appreciate You...

Lyndsey Gutiérrez is a fourth year psychology major and plans on graduating in Fall of 2021. This is Lyndseys first year in Alpha Chi and currently serves as our Assistant PR & Marketing and Recruitment Day chair. When asked what her favorite part of her current positions were,  she said she loves being able to help out with social media and how much she enjoys the content she creates to promote Alpha Chi. Lyndsey knew Alpha Chi was her home when she attended the pref night during the last event of recruitment. She specifically points out that she "even got teary when they sang "Home" by Philip Philips." Her pref and big, Kelly Casterline, showed Lyndsey a glimpse of what sisterhood is like within the chapter. One of her favorite memories is the Alpha Chi summer retreat, where she was finally able to connect with sisters in person rather than the zoom calls. She was able to meet everyone and feel the love the chapter has to offer. Lyndsey truly embodies what a Real Strong women is in our chapter. She defines a Real Strong Women to be "someone who stands up for what is right, never gives up, and defies the odds." The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega admire Lyndseys drive and passion through our chapter . We could not be more proud and excited to announce her as Carnation of the Month.